3 Reasons To Write More Letters

Preach it!

Thought Catalog

The message arrived March of 2013. It was not a text. It did not land in my email complete with bold letters to indicate that it was New! and it did not arrive with that blaring red alarm called a Facebook notification. No, I found it nestled in my mailbox, you know, the physical kind: they linger in the foyer of your apartment building or stand courageously at the foot of your driveway. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I had received a paper letter complete with a handwritten address, a moderately funky stamp, and a return address that told me — hey, someone is thinking of me!

The arrival of a written letter is rare and fleeting these days. They arrive almost as if they were delivered by some time travel movie plot device instead of an actual person. If you think I’m wrong in saying that…

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