A little bit Fae

I tend to assign music to different moods, weather patterns, and seasons. An integral part of my summer music rotation is the melodious stylings of S. J. Tucker. To tie her into a genre is tricky… words like neo-pagan folk rock, mythpunk, and campfire bard get tossed around, and that is about as close to a definition as you will get. Her lyrics are clever, and her voice rich and lovely. The span of her work ranges from aching love ballads (To My Valentine) to whimsical songs about alligators, ninjas, or perilous salads. Everything she does has flair and a little bit of faerie. She is definitely worth a listen on a warm summer evening.

Here is the first song of hers that I ever heard, and it immediately caught my ear and imagination. Enjoy, and check out the rest of her albums that are all available to listen to online for free!


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