The Joy of Buckles

I am in the midst of a love affair with baking. Living at college, finding time/energy/space to bake consistently is nigh-impossible. Additionally, cooking in the dorm kitchen, redolent with the smell of Easy Mac, old tomato soup, and burned popcorn, does not really foster culinary aspirations. Being home for the summer, however, means a relatively unlimited supply of ingredients and a kitchen devoid of mysterious stains.

The Smitten Kitchen has been a major source of delicious recipes for me, both in the form of the blog and in the bound cookbook. Tonight, I made the nectarine brown butter buckle. I thought the name was cute, and the promise of nutty butter and sweet nectarines sounded too good to pass up. Despite some confusion about how much butter goes into it (in my distractedness, 3/4 cup of butter turned into 3/4 a stick…) and agony over the 40 minute wait, it was perfect. The cake was moist, the nectarines lovely, and the topping delicious. The only downside to the recipe was the lack of pronounced brown butter flavor. I toiled over that pan until the butter was a gorgeous nutty brown, dangit. I want to taste the fruits of my labors!! Even despite the lack of nuttiness, it was a fabulous dessert. I have to say “was” because the pan is already scraped empty between the four of us in my family.


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