The Healing Power of Butter

I reached the end of this week with a tremendous sigh of relief. It had been the kind of week at work that would make any other person say “I need a drink.” However, that wasn’t exactly an option for my Mormon self. So, I did what any other sane person would do- I reached for a recipe that calls for a hefty dose of butter. Tonight’s recipe comes once again from the glorious Deb Perelman of the Smitten Kitchen: salted brown butter crispy treats. I could type up the entire recipe, but it boils down to this-

1) Heat one stick of butter over medium heat until melted, brown, and smells nutty. It takes time and patience, young grasshopper, but also constant vigilance. You will be rewarded.

2) Add one bag of marshmallows and stir until smooth.

3) Fold in 6 cups of rice cereal.

4) Press into a pan and wait patiently for them to harden, or just eat it out of the bowl with a spoon (you can guess which route I took.)


The verdict? They are magical. I don’t know that they are drastically different from normal Rice Krispie treats. The brown butter gives them a different look, but the subtle nuttiness gets overwhelmed by the sheer exuberance of a full bag of marshmallows. That critique being said, this is still a delectable dessert. People will love you for making them, and they won’t last long. After a long work week, they definitely do the trick and take the edge off, a benefit I largely attribute to lots of butter.


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